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Allergen-free Baking Cookbook

You can bake treats that are “so good, you won’t believe what’s not in ‘em.”

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This cookbook makes it easy for the experienced or beginning baker to make over 100 treats with: No peanuts, No tree nuts, No eggs, No wheat*, and No dairy. For easy access to the specialized ingredients that make these treats so wonderful, we recommend the item "cookbook and starter kit." Then from the start, with our carefully sourced and allergen tested ingredients, you are ready to bake wonderful treats!

For those with other food allergies and sensitivities: There are no seeds (except as optional ingredients in two recipes), the only soy is soy lecithin, and there are varied flours including an assortment of gluten-free recipes. (*For those who cannot have traces of wheat, please note that many recipes use spelt, which is related to wheat, and many use oats, which can contain traces of wheat. For those who are not sensitive to wheat, wheat can be used in these recipes in place of the more unusual flours.)

Make treats that are wholesome and delicious :
Most of the recipes contain fruit, vegetables, or fruit juice, some call for no white sugar, and many contain whole grain. All the treats are heart healthy, with no cholesterol, low saturated fat, and no trans fat.

Make treats for any occasion that everyone can eat together:
From birthday parties to school snacks to Thanksgiving, your child can feel like one of the gang. This cookbook has a section organized by occasions: Breakfast, Morning Play Group, Play Dates, School Snacks, School Party, Birthday Party, Eating Out, Athletic Activities, Tea, Entertaining, and various Holidays. With treats this tasty, everyone with and without food allergies will want to have some!

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In case you are wondering, the actual recipes for our baked products are not in this book. However, the original wonderful recipe we had intended to use for our Brownie Chip Cookies is! When we discovered that these cookies were so moist that they weren't ideal for packaging, we adjusted the recipe to make our current cookies. But bake them yourselves and they will get eaten before they need to be wrapped!

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Paperback, 149 pages.

Published by Family Matters Publishing, 2007. Printed in the United States.

ISBN 0-9776836-0-5

Price: $18.95